Feds Eyeing Regulations to Hit Anonymity of Cryptocurrency

The feds are contemplating the potential for regulations which would essentially erode one of the most popular aspects of cryptocurrency – its anonymity.
During a panel discussion, three United States government officials expressed their sentiment on the potential for future regulations that could seriously affect the way Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, are perceived and exploited.
Hinting that the government is contemplating a regulatory hit towards the anonymity offered by some virtual currencies, Sujit Raman, assistant deputy attorney general at the Justice Department, said:
One of our major concerns is that we don’t know who has access to these virtual currencies, and who is using them. […] The concerns about crypto-assets funding terrorism and money laundering are fueling Justice’s push to get trading platforms and others to collect information on who’s buying and selling the currencies — much like banks do with stocks and bonds.
Nothing seems to get government lathered up like talk of anonymity and possible illicit activity.

Same Old Song
As for crypto being used for illegal stuff, we’ve heard this before, multiple times. Despite the fact that there’s no hard data pointing towards cryptocurrencies …

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