This Tiny Altcoin Proves There’s Light at the End of the Crypto Tunnel!

The bullish cryptocurrency year of 2017 has attracted a vast range of worldwide projects and attention. Now that this industry has a $300+ Billion market capitalization, there’s one question growing larger with economists and tech watchers: What is the real economic value of these Blockchain startups and how will they make an actual impact on our lives? How will they perform over time and will they manage to keep up with the promises they made during their ICOs?
These burning questions cannot be answered with discussions. They can be answered with actual product usage and roadmap execution. Knowing when a project falls short with those is critical for safeguarding your investments throughout the bumpy 2018.
We’ve already seen a lot of projects in the crypto space completely implode, which further increased the level of skepticism among investors and validated that the level of success of an ICO should not be confused with the amount of money that the same ICO had managed to raise, as the latter is by no means any guarantee for a good return on your investment.
Vitalik Buterin himself (the mastermind behind Ethereum) has stated:
It is an established fact that ninety percent of startups …

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