Hackers Steal Over $75 Million in Bitcoin from NiceHash

Slovenia-based NiceHash, the cryptocurrency mining marketplace where users can rent their unused hashing power, announced on Wednesday that they had been hacked, resulting in a loss of funds estimated to be worth more than $75 million USD at current Bitcoin prices.

Massive Security Breach
The announcement, made via social media, indicated that NiceHash had suffered a massive security breach during which hackers were able to compromise the company’s payment system and steal the contents of both NiceHash’s wallet and – according to some reports – some customers’ wallets as well. At press time, NiceHash’s website remains closed for maintenance.
The theft was confirmed by NiceHash in a Facebook post:

Calamity as Millions Lost
While NiceHash had not yet announced the total number of bitcoins stolen by the hackers at the time of the breach, company marketing executive NiceHash Andrej Škraba told Reuters that they had been the victim of “a highly professional” heist that yielded about 4,700 bitcoin, which at the time of the theft was valued at over $63 million. With Bitcoin prices continuing to climb, however, that total now stands at over $75 million based on Bitcoin’s …

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