DIMPAY – Cashless Transaction Available Worldwide

DIMPAY is a decentralized payments system base on a blockchain technology called NEM. Its main goal is to offer the possibility of cashless transactions for the 2 billion people in this world that lack access to banks and their services. The platform is less expensive, it works instantaneously, and it eliminates numerous payment errors through its use of the NEM protocol –  making it ideal for peer to peer, business to business, consumer to business and business to consumer transactions.
The DIM Ecosystem
DIMPAY is an integral part of the DIM Ecosystem, and this payment platform allows customers to perform secured transactions of any nature on their cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. All of these through the use of DEPOTWALLET web, mobile apps, and DIM Debit Card.
HYBSE (Hybrid Stock Exchange) is an online platform that is used for stock exchanges which helps small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to find and access international capital.
WISE Consulting LTD is a wise exchange that facilitates the trading of fiat currencies for DIM currencies and other cryptocurrencies, and it also takes care of the digitalization of assets.
DEPOTWALLET is a web app that acts like …

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