plans to support Bitcoin Knots

For many years, has hosted and prominently encouraged users to adopt Bitcoin Core, the leading Bitcoin full node software today.
In the near future, we plan to promote Bitcoin Knots as an alternative to Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Knots is a compatible derivative of Bitcoin Core
with many added improvements. This will mean the software presented on the download page will be Knots and not Core. Knots is reasonably robust
and reliable software (although understandably less well-tested) and we recommend you upgrade if you feel comfortable doing so.

We hope that by supporting Knots, we can help reduce the strong dependence on Core. Users that download Knots will be helping to make
the Bitcoin network more resilient and reliable. If you’re a developer, we hope you will contribute to Bitcoin Knots. Future releases of
the Core software can be downloaded from the Bitcoin Core official site.

Additionally, the “choose your wallet” page may be revised to give more focus on full-node-based wallets, as well as preference for
mobile wallets which help users secure their bitcoins by making it easy and convenient for them to use their own full node.

Dave Seer

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