Confideal – More Than Just the Sum of Its Parts

Confideal boasts a vibrant ecosystem where the core features of the integrated platform, such as smart contracts and arbitration, unite to form an application that is far more than just the sum of its parts.
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International trade has existed since ships first sailed upon the seas and caravans crossed mountains, but the increasing pace of technological innovation has led to a massive surge in international trade. Contracts and manufacturing details can be hammered out over video conference calls while documents can be digitally signed and sent across the world without a person having to move from their office desk.
Of course, this increased amount of trade can have potential headaches, especially if a dispute arises, which is where Confideal comes into play. Confideal is an integrated platform based upon the Ethereum blockchain that features an amazing ecosystem of core features that helps facilitate trade while reducing costs.

Three Core Pillars
The three core pillars of Confideal are: smart contracts, built-in arbitration, and CDL tokens. A number of platforms offer a single feature or two that international traders might be interested in, but Confideal is unique in that it has created a complete ecosystem composed …

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