Over 70 coins listed on Changelly: AdEx, Metal, Monaco, TenX, OmiseGo, 0x and 1st Blood etc

Ethereum gave rise to plenty of great platforms and Dapps that serve to tightly integrate cryptocurrency into daily life. We’ve listed the best Ethereum-based tokens so that you can buy them instantly and effortlessly.

Changelly listed AdEx, Metal, Monaco, TenX, OmiseGo and 0x1st Blood. Let’s take a closer look at the newcomers!

First Blood

It is a platform designed for eSports. Users can bet on games in 1ST tokens and test their gaming skills. The platform running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine that is connected to a game’s API allowing all game witnesses to analyze the match and vote for and against in terms of the Smart Contract System. Once determined, a winner gets the prize in accordance with Smart Contract conditions.


AdEx is the project of Stremio, a media centre for entertainment. It is the first Ad exchange on the Smart Contract technology. The project focuses on advertising transparency and security providing an ultimate solution for publishers and advertisers without intermediation. A user who sees the ad gets an option to control it through a profile page. ADX tokens are used for buying and selling ad space and time.


Metal is a platform allowing you to convert fiats into crypto. The platform utilized Proof-of-Processed Payments providing a reward system for making payments via the upcoming Metal app. The payments are attached to a verified identity that distributes the currency and gains rewards for that as a discount on fees or merchant services.


Monaco is considered to be a revolutionary technology allowing its users from all over the world to make payments with Bitcoin or Ethereum and tokens by using VISA. Cryptocurrency transfers are processed at interbank exchange rates avoiding bank charges which let users send and spend their money in the most cost-savvy way. Anyone can use Monaco by downloading the App. The platform is fueled with Monaco’s native currency MCO recently backed at ICO.


OmiseGo is a prospective Ethereum project designed for regular digital wallets. The platform aims to disrupt the traditional financial system by enabling decentralized cross-currency exchange based on the Ethereum blockchain. OmiseGo provides real-time P2P exchange and payment services for customers around the world without requiring bank accounts. Any OmiseGo user is able to adopt cryptocurrencies for payments, remittance, loyalty programs, etc. All OmiseGo services are fueled with OMG token.            


TenX is a payment platform for blockchain assets that enables real-world payments with a debit card. The platform represents a blockchain hub for a wide range of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ERC20 tokens and more. Combining all the blockchains in an entire network via the COMIT protocol, TenX provides a unique way to make daily payments. TenX provides a token holder with full control of funds and setting options via the smart contract technology.

0x Project

Zero X, this is how we spell it, is a decentralized over-the-counter exchange protocol that aims to provide the seamless exchange of Ethereum-based tokens utilizing the ERC-20 standard. Any 0x user can swap between Ethereum tokens without intermediate centralized exchanges. 0x provide trading execution right within the blockchain. Currently, there are several tokens available for exchange including all tokens based on the ERC20 standard, Melon, MakerDAO, Augur, Golem and DigixDAO tokens.

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