Interview With Token Fund: The ETF Alternative for Cryptocurrency Investing

Bitcoinist spoke with Viktor Shpakovsky and Vladimir Smerkis, the founders of The Token Fund, which allows investors an easy portal into the world of cryptocurrency trading, investment, and management.

Bitcoinist: Tell us about The Token Fund in your own words. What makes The Token Fund similar to other funds and in what ways is it unique?
Vladimir: We launched The Token Fund in March 2017. Over the past five months, the portfolio under our management has reached about $2 million USD, and our performance updated to the date is 380% in USD. The model here resembles that of classic ETFs (exchange-traded funds), something that for the past 20 years has remained one of the most popular tools for both institutional and private investors, primarily due to the entry and exit features.
Just like with shares in traditional ETFs, investors of The Token Fund buy the fund’s tokens (TKN), paying in BTC and ETH. The price of tokens depends on the size of the assets in the fund’s portfolio.
Viktor: Higher liquidity of our investments sets us apart from a number of hedge funds on the cryptocurrency market. We have decidedly done away with entry barriers that have hampered consumers in …

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