Bitcoin Debit Card is Lost or Stolen: What Do I Do?

Bitcoin Debit Card is Lost or Stolen: What Do I Do?

Ok, THIS happened. The reason you’re reading this article is that your bitcoin debit card is lost or stolen and you want to know what actions to take next.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide to recover the stolen or lost debit card.

Although bitcoin is anonymous and each card has built-in PIN and CVV protection mechanisms, this doesn’t mean it can’t be stolen, like any other debit card. Those fraudsters and thieves don’t know your PIN and CVV, they still can swipe the magnetic stripe and transfer your money somewhere.

Usually, they act quickly, but there’s no reason to panic. If you follow the steps in this article, you will save your funds and replace a lost card with a new one.

Step 1: Transfer funds back to the wallet

After you found out that your card was lost or stolen, you should protect your funds by transferring them back from your debit card to the protected wallet.

Just assign a Card Unload procedure, if Cryptopay debit card is what you’re using. This will put your bitcoins (or other currency) from the stolen card to the Cryptopay bitcoin wallet on the website. Not all providers support this option, so make sure it’s available when you choose what bitcoin debit card to use. At Cryptopay we encourage users to avoid such services because they’re not compliant with basic security requirements.

It’s important not to take any other actions at the moment except transferring money back. I will explain it in the next paragraph.

Bitcoin Debit Card is Lost or Stolen: What Do I Do?

Have you really lost it?

So, now you have funds secured by transferring them back to the wallet. It’s time for you to chill and recheck if your card’s really lost. Look through your clothes, leather wallets, floors, desks and cabinets. Try to remember when you’ve seen it for the last time. Our experience shows that 60% of lost cards are found in a few days after the replacement is ordered.

Step 2: Call the card issuer

Once you’ve ensured your card’s actually lost, call the issuer to deactivate the card. Most providers can cancel your card in a few minutes and use English by default. Visit your card provider’s website to find a number or a service you should dial in this case.

If you’re a Cryptopay user, use Live Chat on any page to report an issue and further stick to the instructions from our support team.

Bitcoin Debit Card is Lost or Stolen: What Do I Do?

No time to talk

Some bitcoin card providers offer an online deactivation, which might be a good option when you’re in a rush. Just visit the provider’s website to learn if the card can be blocked online.

Step 3: Order a replacement

The next thing you might want to do is order a replacement. Usually, each provider does that regularly and charges the same sum as for the standard card issue. Prepare a quick story of the incident and how did it occur. The overall plan is simple: contact the support, tell the story and request a replacement.

Usually, the provider will also rotate your bitcoin wallet address to make sure your wallet is secure from hack attempts.

Bitcoin Debit Card is Lost or Stolen: What Do I Do?

Have a reserve account

Always leave some money under the pillow to avoid the situation when all your cash is locked on the debit card or stolen. The processes of replacement and delivery may take some time, so ensure you have enough funds to live through a few months without problems.

If you carefully followed three steps described in this article, then by now you’ve ordered a new card and protected you funds against thieves. Once you’ve received the replacement, it’s time to transfer funds back to your card and continue enjoy shopping with bitcoins.

Bitcoin Debit Card is Lost or Stolen: What Do I Do?

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