Bitcoin-Man is coming

Act quick, scan his QR codes, and win big

The mysteriously masked Bitcoin-Man will spread real bitcoin in Amsterdam, on Saturday, July 15.

Just who is Bitcoin-Man? Where has he come from? Is his mask made of real gold? Is his suit tailored or off the rack? The world may never know.

We can be certain, however, that Bitcoin-Man is a vigilante of financial justice, intent on exposing bitcoin and the wallet for what they are — safe, secure, and easy to use.

To prove it, Bitcoin-Man will post 75 unique QR codes throughout the city, which, when scanned, will be worth amounts ranging from €5 to €500, altogether totaling €2,000. That’s a lot of bitcoin.

Want in? Stay alert by following Bitcoin-Man’s July 15 livestream on the Facebook page. From there, deduce his locations, arrive as quickly as possible, scan the posted QR codes via the wallet, and claim your bitcoin.

Cycle, run, take the bus — all that matters is getting there first. Do whatever it takes. Prove your worth. Get your wealth.

And remember, Bitcoin-Man is coming.



Contributor: Adam Kohut

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