Why Europeans Look Down Upon Americans

As a survey indicates, Europeans actually do not think highly of Americans as people from other countries do. There are mainly three reasons.

First, the moral ideas are quite different. Americans tend to use laws no matter what come to them. They like use laws to protect their rights while Europeans are more tolerant. Europeans especially the French teach their children to forgive those people who hurt them. But in America, the case will be totally different. If a person has a party at his house, but it makes too much noise. The neighbor may call the police at once and the policeman will show up at the front door. Thus there may be no party any longer. Besides, Europeans value their private matters more than Americans do. Americans usually expose some scandals or privacies. They may even use it to attack their competitor. But Europeans do not think to reveal other people’s secret is decent and thus this issue seldom happens. This may result in their differences toward one thing.

Second, their ways of act are also different. Americans like taking baths very much. They may even do it several time in a day. But Europeans normally do it regularly. Beside, Europeans are quite fond of football while football actually has a different meaning in America. Americans are huge fans of rugby. People are affected by this, and when they are in America referring to football, they would know actually they are talking about rugby. In addition, their ways of dressing are also having a huge difference. America is famous for being casual. You may see an American wearing T-shirt and pants on the street or a suit with a sneaker. But Europeans would dress the whole set. Their colors of the clothes and the shoes would match with each other. They care more about the appearances.

Third, American’s culture takes a large market share in the whole world. America’s movies, CNN 24 hour’s non-stop running news report are rooted in America while popular internationally. America usually sells lots of products related to a hot movie or book. Also America’s TV shows are various. There may be America’s Next Top Model, America’s idol and so on. But the TV shows in Europe would be more official. It may be an interview or a routine report. America is full off fast food. But Europeans actually emphasize their traditions more.

Nevertheless, even Europeans do not like Americans very much. They share the same values which is democracy, legal society and free market economy. The United Kingdom used to be called the empire on which the sun never sets. But the situation is different in 21st century. America has a leading role in the whole world affairs, economically or culturally. Europeans wish to be treated the same as Americans. Thus they hold the same opinions in world-wide big affairs.

Last but not least, if you want to show your kids or friends more about this issue, you can send them a book or a magazine or even some history records as a gift.

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