How to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin Cash (BCC / BCH)

Bitcoin is the most outstanding and demanded cryptocurrency. From now on, it has a replicant, Bitcoin Cash (BCC / BCH, both tickers are correct) locked on August, 1. Changelly initiated Bitcoin cash support on the next day, so you can buy it for a credit card, 50+ altcoins, Ethereum and original BTC, of course. We’re about to explain how to exchange Bitcoin Cash (BCC / BCH) on Changelly just in a few clicks. Let’s buy it for original Bitcoin.

1. First off, choose the amount of BTC you want to exchange into BCC. On the right you see the estimated BCC rate at the current moment. If it suits you, press ‘Exchange!’

2. Check the amount to send and the expected amount once again and go ‘Next’.

3. Specify your BCC address to which we should send the coins. Still don’t have one? Choose the best cryptocurrency wallet for you.

4. Carefully check the amount, address and the rest. If everything is OK, press ‘Confirm and make payment’.

5. Now you should send your BTC to our address below. Once we get your coins, they will be exchanged to BCC and sent to your BCC wallet.

6. Go to your BTC wallet and paste the address into the corresponding field.

7. Wait until the magic happens. Usually it takes up to 30 minutes. Yet, there might be delays since BCC blocks run pretty slow. Just wait it out.

8. Voilà, your transaction is complete. Once it’s all done, the receipt will appear automatically. You can always check the transaction in the Bitcoin Cash block explorer.

Easy as a pie. In case of any questions, we will help you out at

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