Pentagon Looking to Draft Blockchain Technology for Security Purposes

Blockchain technology has proven itself to be invaluable for many different applications and now the Pentagon is looking at using blockchain technology to vastly bolster national security.
There’s no denying the fervent interest generated by blockchain technology. The primary focus of blockchain for many people is in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. However, an unlikely player is looking at this fascinating innovation: the Pentagon.
The Washington Times is reporting that the US military is looking into applications of blockchain technology to help heighten security across multiple arenas, such as fending off mega-hacks, tampering, and the hijacking of vehicles and satellites through cyber attacks. This focus on blockchain by the Pentagon has been strengthened as they see an increased threat due to Chinese intelligence services targeting commercial transactions.

Stop asking if any governments ARE looking at #blockchain. Start asking if any governments AREN’T (if not quietly): fewer responses to that.
— Justin Doc Herman (@JustinHerman) August 16, 2017

The Versatility of Blockchain Technology
The very nature of blockchain is leading to it being adapted for many different uses. The fact that blockchain is a decentralized ledger that is essentially tamper-proof has led many institutions, companies, and countries to use the database technology …

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