A new Coinbase accounts experience

Faster management and simplified deposits

Today, we’re excited to roll out a new way to manage Coinbase accounts. We’ve given the entire experience a refresh that creates the simplest, most intuitive interface to buy, sell and store digital currency. Try it out at coinbase.com/accounts.

Access all accounts from a single page

Previously, there were different pages needed in order to manage different accounts, a frustrating experience for customers that manage multiple currencies. With the new design, customers can now check account balances and see recent transactions for every account on a single page, along with deposits and withdrawals.

Improved wire and SEPA deposits

We’ve updated the fiat deposit flow for customers using wire payments or SEPA deposits to help get funds into Coinbase more quickly and reliably. In the new deposit flow walks, customers can easily walk through each required step to ensure transfer information is accurately recorded.

Real-time everything

Last but not least, we’ve made every part of the account experience real-time. As customers make deposits, sends, buys, or sells, the activity will instantly appear in our new account page.

Over the coming days, we’ll be rolling out these updates to all customers. If you don’t have a Coinbase account yet you can sign up at coinbase.com (or try the mobile app).

Jesse Pollak is the Engineering Manager on the Brokerage team, building Coinbase.com. If you’re excited about cryptocurrencies, we’re hiring!

If you have questions, concerns, or feedback — reach out to us on Twitter at @CoinbaseSupport.

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