Kathryn Haun Joins Coinbase Board of Directors

We are excited to announce former federal prosecutor Kathryn Haun has joined our parent company Board of Directors. Kathryn’s experience and diverse range of skills will be crucial to Coinbase as we continue to be seen as the safest, most trusted place to buy digital currencies through our commitment to government regulations and compliance.

Kathryn was most recently a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice and its first-ever Digital Currency coordinator. As a federal prosecutor, she has served as lead counsel in numerous jury trials, with a focus on financial fraud, cybercrime, digital currency, national security, gangs, and murders. She also held a significant role in the case of two federal agents’ role in the investigation into Silk Road.

As Coinbase has continued to grow from a wallet to a retail and institutional exchange, our focus has remained on our role as a regulated business and what that means for our customers. We have seen great value in proactively working with governments, banks, and regulators around the world to educate them about digital currency, and Kathryn brings strong expertise to help us drive these conversations forward.

Kathryn taught Stanford Law School’s first-ever course on Digital Currency and Cybercrime with cross-enrollment from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford’s Computer Science Department.

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